A Little About Us

Followers of the Bible...

We are a Bible-based Christian Church whose desire is to love and bring Glory to God. As we strive to be more Christ-like in all areas of our lives, we demonstrate love to others and inspire them with the good news of salvation.

The last recorded words of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew included the command to go and make disciples of all nations. As a result, we spread the Christian message according to the gifts each of us has been given.

Power of Prayer

Just as Jesus spent much time in prayer, we highly value the power of prayer as we ask for the Lord's help in our lives and the lives of others. Prayers of thanksgiving are equally important as we recount the many blessings God has provided.

The Lord's Supper

The Lord's Supper is taken each Sunday in memory of Christ's death upon the cross for our sins. It reminds us of the Lord's great love for us, and the opportunity we have to spend eternal life in heaven.